Admission Procedure

GIS Student Admissions Standards

1. GIS enrolls both young men and young women between the ages of 11 and 20 years old.
2. Parent/guardian must submit proof the young person being enrolled has completed 6th grade to begin our 7th grade junior high program. Parents/guardians of young people wishing to be enrolled in our high school program must submit proof the applicants have completed the equivalent of 9th grade.

Necessary Documents for Application

For Foreign Students:
1. Copy of the first page of the applicant’s passport
2. Copy of the visa for entry to Thailand
3. Copy of school records, or other suitable proof of study level
4. Two (2) passport size photos (2in. x 2in.), less than 6 months old
5. Copy of father’s/mother’s or guardian’s National Identity Card


For Thai Students:
1. Copy of Thai national identity card
2. Copy of house registration
3. Copy of school records, or other suitable proof of study level
4. Two (2) passport size photos (2in. x 2in.) less than 6 months old
5. Copy of father’s/mother’s or guardian’s national identity card
6. Copy of father’s/mother’s or guardian’s house registration

GIS Application and Enrollment Process

Step 1 :
1. Complete the GIS application form
2. Submit academic records for the young person applying
3. Remit application fee with the completed application and student’s academic records
Step 2 :
1. GIS’s registrar will verify submitted documents and academic records
2. Upon verification, GIS’s registrar’s office will set a date for a parents’/guardians’ interview and establish a date for the applicant’s foundation examinations
Step 3 :
1. Applicant receives the foundation examinations which will test for English language skills and level-specific content ability in math and science
Step 4 :
1. GIS will inform parents/guardians of the exam results and will set a registration date
Step 5 :
1. Parents/guardians will receive registration forms and data sheets and once completed, return them to GIS
2. Remit registration fee and school tuition
3. Registered and enrolled students will receive school uniforms, school handbooks, and educational materials

NON “ED” for Chinese Students

Documents Required:

    1. Visa application form completely filled out
    2. Passport or travel document with validity not less than 6 months
    3. Five recent photographs of applicant (4x6cm)
    4. Fully-paid confirmed air ticket
    5. Applicant’s identity card and its copy
    6. Transcript/Letter of acceptance from the concerned schools/universities or institutes qualified to enroll foreigners
    7. Copy of identity card of the signer of the above letter
    8. Letter from Ministry of Foreign Affairs (only for the applicant who wish to study in A.I.T University)
    9. Original receipt of tuition fee and its copy
    10. Consular officers reserve the rights to request additional documents as deemed necessary

copies required:

– Copies one of air ticket

– Copies four of the passport page which his/her photograph is attached

Remark: Tourist, Transit, Non-Immigrant Visa Copy Requirements for India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Nigeria, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Lebanon, Sudan, Algeria, Libya, Yemen, Egypt, and Palestinian State Nationals:

  1. Passport (including extension pages) 3 copies
  2. A confirmed round-trip airline ticket 2 copies
  3. Foreigner Resident permit in China (with validity AT LEAST 3 months) 3 copies
  4. Foreigner working permit in China (with validity AT LEAST 3 months) 1 copy
  5. An application form which you have completed correctly in English 4 copies


The Royal Thai Consulate-General, Guangzhou may request additional documents to confirm that the visit’s purpose coincides with the requested type of visa.