Why Choose us

The main reason to choose Gainesville is the American academic program, military atmosphere, high-impact physical conditioning program, great facilities, and an honor Code that “mirrors” those of the U.S. academies, And also the quality of education, and the development of character.
Police General Prasan Wongyai,Ph.D.
The President

Why attend Gainesvilles International School?

GIS prides itself as being the “Home of Discipline.” Gainesville International School Chiang Rai is the first United States curriculum-based English language military academy in Asia. Founded by Police General Prasan Wongyai PhD, Police General Prasan was granted permission to establish this unique institution by Thailand’s Ministry of Education. Gainesville International School’s curriculum is drawn from and based on Riverside Military Academy’s in Gainesville, Georgia. Riverside Military Academy has a 110-year legacy of distinction grounded in a tradition of military discipline and academic excellence. GIS’s focus is compel our young men and women to develop and embody the qualities that are the core of our school values—principled character, discipline, and compassion.

Educating young men and women from 7th through 12th grades, GIS is dedicated to graduating all our students with at least 3.1 GPA, and a TOEFL PBT score of at least 550 out of the possible 677 points. Our programs are specifically focused toward preparing all our graduates to study and excel in US universities and military colleges without entrance exams.

While we consider ourselves a junior high (7th-9th grades) and a high school (10th-12th grades), for training purposes, our school population is divided into two categories—7th and 8th grades, and 9th through 12th grade.

While they are required to wear the school uniform, students in 7th and 8th grades are excluded from military courses. As with the other academic levels, all courses are taught in English.

In 9th through 12th grades GIS continues in Riverside’s academic tradition of academic disciplines—Mathematics, the Sciences, Technology, English, Social Studies, Military/Leadership Education Training (LET).

Understanding not all students possess the same skills, abilities, and motivation, for a nominal addition to the existing tuition, GIS is prepared to handle at-risk students on case-by-case basis with an additional proactive study program molded around the needs of a cadet’s Individual Education Program (IEP). Modeled after Riverside’s Opportunity Time (OT), cadet’s will receive specific tutoring in the areas that reveal, or potentially reveal weakness, or weaknesses in the cadet’s IEP. Additional tutoring and one-on-one mentoring in English language skills is also part GIS’s OT focus.

For grades 7-12 Mandarin Chinese is offered as an elective course.
In line with GIS’s military bearing and culture, the uniform of the day will be worn from 0630-2000 hours. Each student will receive five uniforms when the arrive at GIS. Monday through Friday will have a set training schedule emphasizing discipline, leadership skills, and arms.

GIS’s health services include a school nurse, an infirmary, and the ability to coordinate with local hospitals in the unfortunate case of an emergency—24 hours a day.

In an arrangement with our sister Academy, Riverside, all students from 9th to 12th grades will be expected to attend Riverside’s summer Camp in Gainesville Georgia, USA, at least one time during their time at GIS. The camp is 6-8 weeks long, and at parents’ expensse. Cadet involvement is not limited to one time. Cadet’s are free to participate in the camp as many times as they desire.

The Facts

What the Gainesville Preparatory School IS, and IS NOT

  • We offer a full range of student activities. We foster the coach, teach, mentor methodology.
  • We are located in beautiful Chiang Rai, Thailand; we have transportation services to Chiang Rai International airport.
  • We have a drug-free, tobacco-free, alcohol-free campus.
  • We have an indoor volleyball court, indoor Futsal field, outdoor swimming pool and a gym stocked with the latest equipment for weight training and aerobics. We do not ignore the “body” while only training the “mind”.
  • We believe in building character and leadership skills, acceptance of responsibility, and self discipline; we do not believe in the physical or mental hazing of students.
  • We have full-time (24/7) coverage by Commandant’s staff members, Campus Security, and medical staff. When it comes to cadet and student safety and security we are not “part time”.